[Marxism] Syria 10; Spics 0

Joaquin Bustelo jbustelo at gmail.com
Fri Aug 5 20:42:44 MDT 2016

So, like, I decided to drop in on one of my old haunts, the Marxism 
List. Lots of posts about Syria, so I decided to do a little research 
with the CTRL-F key combo.

Posts containing the word Syria since Aug. 1: 10

Posts containing the word Latino or Hispanic or Mexican or undocumented: 
1, but actually that was the one I just sent so it doesn't really count 
because I sent it precisely because as far as this list is concerned, it 
looked like we'd met the same fate as Columbus's fourth ship: not only 
had we fallen off the edge, but everyone pretended we never even existed.

So make it:

Syria 10
Spics 0

And you can go back in the list archives and your count for Syria will 
keep rising, and your count for beaners won't.

Except for that one excerpt from an article about how dare a greaser 
spic like Lin Manuel Miranda not just play Alexander Hamilton, but 
conceive and write the whole damn musical about the man.

Maybe I'll write something more about that, generally on the theme of, 
scratch a liberal and find a pig. But for now I'm done.


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