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You need a more sophisticated search.  Below are items that I posted to this list in 2016.
I am guessing that you have access to articles and items of which I am ignorant  Perhaps you should post some of them.
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March 18

In 1959, just months after the triumph of the Cuban revolution, Rene Goscinny and Albert Uderzo created Asterix, a comic-book saga telling the story of a small, Gaul village that Rome was never able to conquer, not even at a time when it had subjugated all of Europe and the Mediterranean.

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April 13
Article by Samuel Farber and a response in Havana Times.
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The politics of this right wing — both on the island and abroad — that has long curried the favor of Washington elites is rooted in a perspective called “Platismo.” The origin of the term goes back to 1901, when the first constituent assembly of the island was forced to accept an amendment to the Cuban constitution authored by US senator Orville Platt giving the United States the legal right to intervene in the country’s internal affairs.

For the next thirty-three years, the United States, with the explicit support of many Cuban Platista politicians, availed itself of this license repeatedly, influencing policy under the threat of military occupation — a threat it carried out on several occasions.


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May 5
Chanel Stages Fashion Show In Cuba
This is the comment I posted on the Havana Times site. havanatimes.org.
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No doubt it is galling for Cubans to be confronted with the easy life of tourists from rich countries. All the more so when it is wealth that is beyond most people even in the rich countries.
Against this the Cuban government must ask itself what economic benefits come with these events. If it can be shown that the money from these events can ease the hardships of the Cuban people, then a responsible government should allow them.
And it might be argued that events like this make Cuba seem less forbidding and alien to people in other countries.

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June 17
Cuban TV to be available in US

This item is in Spanish.  You can have a crude translation on the site.
If I understand correctly, it will be known as Cuba Max TV, available through the Dish Network.
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July 4
The Havana Times carries mainly criticisms of the Cuban government, in a few instances written by myself.  More often I feel a need to defend the government against criticism.
Here is a hard-hitting piece by a Cuban-American.  He came to the US as part of the Mariel boatlift of 1980.
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What July 4th Means to Black America

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