[Marxism] Baathist tools freaking out

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Sun Aug 7 09:05:02 MDT 2016

An interesting comment on Moon of Alabama about the problems facing the 
Assad dictatorship in Aleppo. These people are not handling the news well.


It is looking like Syria and Russia have suffered a devastating defeat 
in what looks like the critical battle of the Syria war. I don't think 
the importance of this battle can be easily overestimated. It is, I 
think, a turning point not just for Syria, but for the world.

In retrospect, the US side seems to have had a brilliantly coordinated 
multi-layered battle plan. It looks like the first several assaults in 
the Aleppo battle were really feints, intended to deceive Syria and 
Russia, to convince them that they had weathered the storm. This blog 
pointed out that the initial assault on the Syrian Government's hold on 
Aleppo failed quicky because there was no single point of massive assault.

We see now that a word was missing from that analysis - the word "yet".

Syria's role in this disaster is understandable. According to reports, 
the Syrian army has suffered terribly from attrition during the course 
of the war while the US proxies have been massively reinforced 
continuously and especially lately. Spread thin and forced to rely on 
green recruits while facing an enemy that seemed to have an 
inexhaustible supply of battle-hardened, well-equipped and even fresh 
jihadis, terrorists and mercenaries -- the Syrian army has done 
brilliantly to sustain the battle so far.

But Russia's fecklessness seems truly incredible at this point. I doubt 
that any major battle in human history has been so thoroughly 
telegraphed, to the point where Kerry all but told Putin the exact date 
that it would start, August first.

How many times has Putin seen the US and its allies/proxies use the 
trick of declaring truce completely insincerely, to stop successful 
campaigns by opponents, while re-arming and reinforcing? How is it that 
everyone in the world knew exactly what the US and its allies would do 
but Putin did not?

How many times has Putin seen the US make major moves during the 
Olympics? Is it possible that he didn't see it coming once again? Putin 
is supposed to be smart, but he falls for the same ploys again and again 
and again?

How can it be that Russia was so easily distracted by Kerry's blatantly 
insincere 'negotiations', so obviously meant as a distraction and as a 
way of stalling for time and as a way of softening Russian attacks? Even 
the controversy about Russia's Olympic team now looks like a brilliant 

It now seems painfully obvious that Russia had no real plan B, no real 
plan for what would happen when the sham truce ended and the war 
restarted. More than that, Russia now looks like the real paper tiger. 
Manpads basically sidelined Russian air power and took the Russians out 
of the battle. The only counter Russia seemed to have had was to delude 
itself or to lie, claiming that Russian air power was successfully using 
high altitude bombing to devastate/decimate enemies as they approached 
to attack Aleppo. It now looks like Russia not only failed to impact 
attacking forces. but didn't even know how many forces were moving and 
where they were. A massive force seems to have converged to a single 
massive push and Russia seems never to have seen it coming.

I hope things turn around once again. Right now though one really has to 
wonder why Putin went for that fake trucem which seems now to have 
doomed Syria. What is his game really?

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