[Marxism] My critique of Jill Stein on Syria and then some...

Dennis Brasky dmozart1756 at gmail.com
Wed Aug 10 11:16:16 MDT 2016

Clay has done outstanding work in defending the Syrian Revolution against
the lies and slanders of the "anti-imperialist" pro-Baathist Left as well
as his excellent video on the US destruction of Vietnam. It is thus with
great sadness that I am forced to conclude that he has gone off the deep
end politicially in his latest post where he states -

"Not only is Hillary Clinton's position far more sympathetic to the Syrian
people and their plight, as a purely practical political matter, she is
correct to embrace the reality that any solution that does not involve the
overthrow of the Assad regime can never succeed in bringing peace to Syria
or allowing the millions of Syrian refugees to go home."

Hillary Clinton, no more than Obama, has NO SYMPATHY for the Syrian people!
It is nauseating to have to state this on a MARXISM list! Like Obama, she
wants only to force Assad to step aside while maintaining his regime in the
same way that Bush in 1991 called for the Iraqi people to get rid of Saddam
- but not his regime. In this way, US imperialism hopes to achieve some
degree of stability in the region as well as in Europe by allowing the
massive number of refugees to return and thus reduce the social-political
xenophobic tensions there.

Clay also states that a left opposition to the Democrats = “spoiler” = a
vote for Trump - "the Green Party is actually helping the Trump campaign!"

He has thus swallowed whole the standard Democratic Party line that
delegitimizes any and all left opposition to them. Following this line
would permanently prevent the creation of such an opposition. To cover
himself, he appeals to the fear that, while in the past, the boy was lying
about "crying wolf" when seeking to demonize the Republicans to bludgeon
the left into voting lesser evil, this time it's different - there really
is a big bad wolf, ready to launch a white supremacist war. President
Hillary is the only obstacle to that nightmarish scenario! With "friends"
like this, who needs enemies?

For me, Clay has destroyed his political credibility. I don't understand
why he's still here and not volunteering his talents to the Clinton

P.S. - John Negroponte!! Another neocon Hillary supporter. Is Henry K
next?? You're in great company Clay!


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