[Marxism] Seymour Hersh 2 part interview with Tariq Ali

Michael Karadjis mkaradjis at gmail.com
Wed Aug 10 19:55:10 MDT 2016

According to the blurb:

"In Part Two they discuss his revelations concerning the chemical attack 
at Ghouta, Syria in August 2013. It is here we can see a foreign policy 
that Obama has enacted that is bringing us closer and closer to a 
military incident with Russia."

Fascinating stuff. It is a bit like saying, in 1972, that China carried 
out a false flag operation by ruthlessly bombing Hanoi, in order to 
blame it on the US, and then invited Nixon to Beijing as part of a 
strategy to bring the world closer and closer to a military 
confrontation between China and the US. Pretty much to the letter.

I assume George Orwell was lurking in the background of this Ali-Hersh 
gabfest. Why not invite Galloway too, someone Tariq Ali loves, and who 
has just been revealed on this list to be an open and ardent supporter 
of US imperialist bombing of various countries under the rubric of ... 

Louis' post just referred to this crowd:

"The demographic that constitute the bulk of hardcore Galloway and StWC
supporters are the over 50 crowd. Notice that that Stalinist and/or
pro-Putin pro-Assad worldview has has its most vociferous advocates in
Galloway, Ali, Ramadani, Fisk, Cockburn, Hersh, that Australian douche
bag ( forgot his name) and to a lesser degree Chomsky. And notice that
they continuously promote each other. In essence, it's the old guard
realising their own redundancy and irrelevance in the era of the Arab
Spring, and trying desperately to cling on to their self-perceived
status of grandeur."

Spot on (though I would exclude Chomsky from this list - the old man has 
said some stupid things, but is significantly different to the others on 
Syria). Of course, one might retort that many of us on the other side of 
the debate are of the same generation (or somewhat younger than many of 
those listed, but still "the over 50 crowd"). But that isn't the 
comparison of course. The contrast of this reactionary "left" has-been 
mob is with the young people of the Arab world, who took to the streets 
to face bullets and tanks in 2011, and still fight on, despite the 
immeasurable  terror launched against them by the near-genocidal 
counterrevolution that has the full support of Ali, Fisk, Cockburn, 
Hersh, Galloway, Anderson (the douche bag's name), alongside their close 
co-thinkers Trump, Cruz, David Duke, Le Pen, Boris Johnston, UKIP, 
Golden Dawn and all the rest of that far-right pro-Putin European party.

It is the youth of the Arab world that inspire the support of many of us 
on the western left. Strangely, it is those who kill them with tanks, 
barrel bombs, cluster bombs, ballistic missiles, starvation sieges and 
medieval tortures that inspire others on the western left. A question of 
taste, I guess.

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