[Marxism] Fwd: Scientists show future events decide what happens in the past

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Thu Aug 11 05:39:09 MDT 2016

Quantum physics is a weird world. It studies subatomic particles, which 
are the essential building blocks of reality. All matter, including 
ourselves are made up of them. But, the laws governing the tiny 
microscopic world seem to be different to those dictating how larger 
objects behave in our own macroscopic reality.

Quantum laws tend to contradict common sense. At that level, one thing 
can be two different things simultaneously and be at two different 
places at the same time. Two particles can be entangled and, when one 
changes its state, the other will also do so immediately, even if they 
are at opposite ends of the universe – seemingly acting faster than the 
speed of light.

Particles can also tunnel through solid objects, which should normally 
be impenetrable barriers, like a ghost passing through a wall. And now 
scientists have proven that, what is happening to a particle now, isn't 
governed by what has happened to it in the past, but by what state it is 
in the future – effectively meaning that, at a subatomic level, time can 
go backwards.

To bamboozle you further, this should all be going on right now in the 
subatomic particles which make up your body.

If all this seems utterly incomprehensible and sounds downright nuts, 
you're in good company. Einstein called it "spooky" and Niels Bohr, a 
pioneer of quantum theory once said: “if quantum mechanics hasn’t 
profoundly shocked you, you haven’t understood it yet.”

In this latest experiment, carried out by scientists at the Australian 
National University, lead researcher Andrew Truscott said in a press 
release that they have proven that "reality does not exist if you are 
not looking at it.”


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