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Thu Aug 11 07:11:44 MDT 2016

See, this is what I'm on about. You couldn't ask for more explicit proof of
the dangerously reformist character of Richard Wolff's "workplace
democracy" fetish.

An example: Yesterday, thanks to a recommendation by the invaluable qotd of
PNHP, I bought a book on the connection between the civil rights movement
and the birth of Medicare (and its much-needed extension to all US

Would Wolff have had those activists fight for healthcare in one
cooperative hospital? What would he advocate now to get us on the road
toward nationwide socialized medicine?

The book review:

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> A potential route for socialist development worth considering.
> http://www.counterpunch.org/2016/08/11/dual-power-as-the-
> route-to-democratic-socialism-sanders-or-no-sanders/

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