[Marxism] Behind the rise of Trtump

Alan Ginsberg ginsberg.alan1 at gmail.com
Thu Aug 11 13:17:12 MDT 2016

Clay Claiborne asks:

Does this article ever talk about the racism that is at the heart of
Trump's campaign? Its a long piece and I only read about a 3rd. It mentions
"fascism", "megalomania" but nothing about race or white chauvinism. Me, I
would have put near the top of course, but then I'm black. Does this
article ever get there? Curious but not curious enough to finish it.
You said it stood up well
. That's why I started reading it,

The answer is yes, and before the 1/3rd mark.

*Base against top*

The dilemma of the Republican Party consists in the fact that its most
hard-core constituency is composed of older people who equate being
American with being white, male, heterosexual and citizens of a country
that rules most of the world. This largely middle class base cannot cope
with the fact that the country is moving – erratically, but moving
nonetheless – in the direction of gender equality and sexual
permissiveness. They are also traumatised by the prospect that whites are
on course to become a minority by mid-century, and feel emasculated by
Washington’s increasing inability to dispatch the Marine Corps to deal with
anyone who stands up to the US abroad.

This enraged, provincial and heavily southern party core became especially
vocal after the election of Barack Obama in 2008. Never reconciled to the
presence of a black man in the White House, they are determined to thwart
Obama, no matter what he does. And, although what became the brand name of
white male *ressentiment* – the Tea Party – is no longer present as an
organised force on the ground, the notes it sounded in 2009 and after still
resound among the party ranks, just as the theme of economic inequality
introduced by the now vanished Occupy movement stuck in the minds of many
Democratic voters.


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