[Marxism] Venezuela: Slave labour or just growing more food?

Stuart Munckton stuartmunckton at gmail.com
Sat Aug 13 02:07:38 MDT 2016

 "you and the other leaders of SA in Australia to do so" is just a silly
distraction. Your reference originally to turn to industry shows you are
stuck in a bygone era and fighting old ghosts. I was a toddler at the time
of the "turn to industry", carried out by a party that no longer exists.

And the ghost fighting actually stops you from seeing the key point of the
story -- the western press pushing a bullshit tale over a pretty minor
program offered by the Venezuelan government among its other attempts to
get production going. This isn't any large scale use shift of urban labour
to rural labour, voluntary or not -- which is something that would beyond a
government hanging on by its fingernails, which does not control parliament
or much of the economy, that is wracked by internal divisions and is
struggling to find a way forward. But sure... maybe the New York Magazine
is right and said government is re-introducing slavery into the Americas.

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