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ehrbar at marx.economics.utah.edu ehrbar at marx.economics.utah.edu
Tue Aug 16 23:59:07 MDT 2016

Hello Dave Riley,

you are basically saying: if we do it right, we can produce so much with
a limited planet that there is no need to restrict meat consumption, even if
we are 7-9 billion people, and even if climate change drastically
reduces what can be grown where.  This does not convince me.  The only
reason why people in the rich countries can eat so much meat is that they
also consume the share of the people in the poor countries, and that
they pump fossil water using fossil fuels etc.  This is a destructive
process which has to be reined in.  In order to allow the poor people a
place at the table, we must change our wasteful eating habits.  Meat
consumption must be severely restricted.  We must share the world with
all other humans living now, with our descendants, and with other
species.  Right now we are using too much on all three counts.

Hans G Ehrbar

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