[Marxism] Smear campaign against Jill Stein by Democratic Party hack

Clay Claiborne clayclai at gmail.com
Thu Aug 18 09:20:30 MDT 2016

This is far from Jill Stein's biggest problem but it does speak to her
integrity. This is similar to the way Trump supports the worst CTs on his
side with the odd comment that definitely isn't lost on them.

But I was greatly saddened this morning to see Louis uncritically present
her claim that she is a "peace candidate."

What color is the swamp?

Anyway this is my latest on Jill Stein:

> Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein knows that since she doesn't
> stand a snowballs chance in hell of being elected, the key to getting
> progressives to vote for her is to convince them that it really doesn't
> matter whether Clinton or Trump is our next president. The problem is, that
> while Hillary Clinton may be just another Democrat, Donald Trump is the
> leader of a while supremacist movement of birthers and more that has
> hijacked the Republican party. While it is true that Hillary Clinton, like
> Barack Obama, supports the fundamental policies that support the white
> supremacists system, Donald Trump represents a much more aggressive form of
> white supremacy and if he is elected, it will be almost exclusively by
> white voters who supported this campaign that is making white chauvinism
> its center piece. These are critical realities of election year 2016 in the
> United States that Jill Stein's campaign is seeking to obscure in its very
> dangerous claim that it really doesn't matter if Donald Trump becomes our
> next POTUS. Hillary Clinton may be a continuation of Barack Obama, but
> Donald Trump is not another Mitt Romney. Dr. Jill Stein thinks the campaign
> she ran in 2012 should be rerun in 2016. Once again the Left is in danger
> of applying an old strategy to a new situation without really thinking it
> through.

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