[Marxism] Smear campaign against Jill Stein by Democratic Party hack

Clay Claiborne clayclai at gmail.com
Fri Aug 19 14:07:38 MDT 2016

Here's the thing Manuel,

I'm not the only black person that fears the White House falling to an
administration openly aligned with the KKK:


> Nearly 3 in 4 African American women are “strongly” afraid of what will
> happen if their candidate loses the presidential election, a recent Gallup
> poll has found.
> <http://www.gallup.com/poll/193670/hispanics-least-worried-election-outcome.aspx> And
> polling shows that their candidate is not Donald Trump.
> So never mind that I may be a chump, a political chump and dumb enough to
walk around and a traitor to my race besides, you and Louis need to address
these black women and their fears, you need to be able to win them to your
position. You need to convince them to join the Green Party and vote for
Jill Stein instead Hillary Clinton, unless you are reconciled that the
Green Party will remain a white party, and I don't think the approach you
are using with me will work with them.

I recognize that you face a big hurdle. Black women vote at a high rate, so
if you are successful, it will probably mean their worst fears will be
realized. It is very important that you convince them that they won't be
voting against their own best interest. This is important, not only to win
their votes for Stein, but to convince them that the Green Party is not a
force working to make their worst fears come true.

I see 2 approaches to this problem and I see both are under development

1) Trump isn't all that bad. This also has 2 approaches:
        a) Trump is just another GOP not KKK, nothing new to fear here
        b) KKK has always been in WH, nothing new to fear here

Frankly, I don't see that working, The gut response of most black people to
what is happening is that it is new and very dangerous, and I can already
see the effects of the rise of Trump's white supremacy in the recent
elections for the Venice Neighborhood Council. There are a lot of little
effects afoot already. I've been closely following presidential elections
since 1964 and I know you'll not going to convince me that 2016 is just
another election year with regards to white supremacy, so good luck with
that approach with the masses.

2) Its in the bag for Clinton anyway so feel free to vote your conscience.
    Louis, floated this line earlier. I consider it very dangerous because
while it admits the problem with Trump winning, it disarms people and makes
it more likely he will win. Regardless of what the polls say [capitalist
polls], I think it would be very foolish to be declaring "Mission
Accomplished" with regards to defeating Trump's bid to capture state power
in mid-August, Anything can happen - a "terrorist" attack or other
happenings could seriously change the political landscape, elections can be
stolen [ I avoid using "rigged" because its currently so associated with
Trump agitation. ] , and especially for us on the Left, I think its
important to point to the possibility of an extra-legal bid for power. Not
to belabor that point but we know Trump is building some kind of militia
and it could have billions [not just Trump money] behind it. The closer the
vote, the easier each of these alternative scenarios becomes.

What I think this situation calls for is a Left leadership and a Left party
that exposes the capitalist nature of both parties but recognizes that in
2016 there is a real danger that the neo-liberal establishment that has run
the executive in the United States since before WW2 is in danger of being
superseded by a much more openly fascist and white supremacist regime.

It endorse the view of those black women that this is the main danger to be
defeated in 2016 and it supports their decision to vote for Clinton, not
because we believe her lies but because we must vote strategically in this
election to defeat this white supremacist assault.

That is an approach I think will work. Asking them to ditch voting against
Trump to vote for someone who really doesn't have her act together is not
going to win many supporters.

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