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Fri Aug 19 17:00:12 MDT 2016

Assuming the figures are correct, or at least close enough to actual
consumption, these interactive graphs are fascinating.
Source: the FAO.

If you have an interactive fiddle and go back in time along the cross
bar, you'll note that beef consumption has been pretty stable in
countries like the US but it is chicken that has really grown in
patronage. In Australia the 'other meat' I guess refers to lamb which
we used to eat a lot of --and still do by international standards
outside the Middle East.


Elsewhere the nutritional story varies.

So a reality check is warranted.

Do we all eat too much meat? We certainly eat too much seafood as that
is a finite resource with very few fish stocks currently sustainable.

The real growth has been in sugar and fat consumption -- in part
allied to the rise in processed food.

As an aside, among regenerative agriculturalists the big boogey in
terms of environmental impact isn't the herbivore but the plough.
Woody Guthrie and the Grapes of Wrath remind is that the Dust
Bowl/Dirty Thirties  was an environmental crisis that may soon be
replayed with more telling consequence as the recent Californian
Drought suggests.

dave riley

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