[Marxism] Smear campaign against Jill Stein by Democratic Party hack

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Fri Aug 19 18:02:39 MDT 2016

The only problem is when you make your decisions based on what will 
advance the goals of the DP, you lose credibility. In order to build a 
left party, you have to show that you mean business. If Jill Stein had 
not turned out to be such a feisty presidential candidate in 2012 and 
again this year, there is good chance that the GP might have died.

On 8/19/16 7:35 PM, A.R. G via Marxism wrote:
> If the strategy is to build a Left pole in US politics then I think the
> best move would be to promote and build the GP in "safe states" while
> urging a reluctant Hillary vote in swing states.

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