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DW dwaltersmia at gmail.com
Sat Aug 20 17:33:56 MDT 2016

Hans asks a good question, though he's unfair to Dave Riley and myself
because at no point did either Dave or say or argue that this is the end
all and be all of climate change. I posted a single link to a video that
shows a healthier way (for the soil and, consequently, for the planet) to
farm. Thats' it. It wasn't the worlds answer to climate change but only one
facet of it. And yes, if all cattle raising the world was done this way,
it's a net gain, that is, lower, not higher methane and, CO2 emissions.
And, people can still have a hamburger or steak. I call that a 'win-win'.

Hans in a previous response argues that the carbon is still put into the
environment. I argue "yes, but it's returned". Thus cattle raising this way
is what is called carbon-neutral. In fact if you read the Aussie Socialist
Alternative link Dave provided on agriculture (and I don't agree with
some/much of it) you'll see it's a serious proposal to reorganize
agricultural away from large commercialization. That's a good thing, not a
bad thing, Hans. Is it enough? No, no one thing is enough. But it's also
*rational*. It doesn't require universal buy in from everyone. Like meat
eaters (most of humanity)...it doesn't require us to become vegans (thank
the gods!). It allows for a phased change in agriculture that is both
useful, environmentally friendly and sane. It also doesn't argue that "we
use too much", the ultra position of the Western green movement. It points
to a lower carbon steady state economy. It doesn't' do another thing like
the angry gnat buzzing around our ears but is impossible to catch: it
doesn't require lowering the planet's population either. And that's just
the SA ag program!

Where I likely departs from Hans and Dave Riley is over energy, since I
also note that solar/wind crazed Germany has not replaced a single coal
plant with either wind or solar but instead built up coal and, to
substitute for some nuclear (which is low carbon) they've built scads of
natural gas plants all throughout Germany. From an emissions POV, Germany
(and Denmark) are utter failures. Without a serious paradigm shift to
nuclear, zero of Han's wishes will ever come to pass, despite all the "100%
fossil/nuclear free" papers written...the proof is that not a single thing
has changed.

Hans points out that while we get better at point specific carbon emissions
(better gas mileage cars, lower CO2 output from air transport) the overall
rate goes up as more people employ these methods of transportation. I
agree, this is a problem. Gee, Hans, what do you suggest we do? I'm for
actual solutions, such as sythetic fuels made from atmospheric CO2 like DME

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