[Marxism] Spain and Syria

Andrew Pollack acpollack2 at gmail.com
Mon Aug 22 07:56:28 MDT 2016

My latest reading in pursuit of understanding the "anti-imperialist" left's
rottenness on Syria, the articles below from:

   - Paul Flewers: *Stalinism & Spain*
   - Walter Held: *Stalinism and the POUM in the Spanish Revolution*
   - Katia Landau: *Stalinism in Spain*

One striking thing is that not only do the authors detail the lies and
slanders concocted by the Stalinists, but they point out how that had
overthrown what had been a norm in the workers' movement of debate, i.e. of
not solving disagreements by violence, the latter justified by reading
certain trends out of the movement via accusing them of working for
imperialism (much like accusations today against Syria Revolution

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