[Marxism] MRZine retweets Partisan Girl

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Wed Aug 24 06:56:44 MDT 2016

You'd think I'd be inured at this point to the idiocy that is 
disseminated from this sad, decrepit, rightwing website but every so 
often I can only step back and gape at the spectacle.

 From the Baathist propaganda machine you can see article after article 
"exposing" the photo of Omran Daqneesh, the young boy from East Aleppo 
who is sitting in an ambulance covered with dust and blood. Some say the 
whole thing was staged, especially since Mahmoud Raslan, the man who 
took the photo, was seen in another photo with members of the Zinki 
militia. This was the group whose members beheaded a member of a 
Baathist militia that they had captured. At the time I commented that it 
was wrong to kill captive fighters either by a bullet or by an axe. This 
one atrocity was singled out by the Baathists while thousands of rebels 
or even peaceful opponents of the dictatorship get tortured to death in 
Assad's prisons.

In any case, Raslan has denied being a member of Zinki and describes 
himself as a photographer with the Aleppo Information Center and an 
al-Jazeera free-lancer. Whatever the truth on this, it seems absurd that 
someone would go through the trouble to stage this picture as if it were 
a false flag operation intended to provoke "regime change". After five 
years of atrocities, isn't it clear that Obama could care less about 
what is happening in East Aleppo, especially with reports that F-16s 
have now pounded the rebels?

So what do we get from the feckless Furuhashi? A bunch of retweets in 
sync with the propaganda offensive, including one from the Partisan 
Girl, a Baathist propagandist named Maram Susli who lives in Australia. 
This tireless apologist for Baathist atrocities is a frequent guest on 
Alex Jones's Infowars radio show, the conspiracy theorist who backs 
Donald Trump as part of the alt-right movement. Here is Susli on a Jones 
show with the heading "Syrian Girl: Alex Jones Woke Me Up!".


Before she began making appearances on Infowars, she premiered on the 
Youtube channel of 108Morris108, another conspiracy theorist convinced 
of Jewish world domination and a “Jewish goal to mix all the races.”

I never would have dreamed 10 years ago when Furuhashi was on Marxmail, 
PEN-L and LBO-Talk that she would be passing along anything associated 
with Partisangirl. I suppose there is a lesson in all this but I am 
afraid it would take training in abnormal psychology to do it justice.

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