[Marxism] Who are the Melungeons?

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Thu Aug 25 18:47:28 MDT 2016

The Melungeons, who are generally understood to be part American Indian, 
might have been descendants of a group of people who shared blood ties 
to the freed Turkish slaves, Roanoke colonists and native peoples.


The story of the Melungeons is at once a footnote to the history of race 
in America and a timely parable of it. They bear witness to the horrors 
and legacy of segregation, but also to the overlooked complexity of the 
early colonial era. They suggest a once-and-future alternative to the 
country’s brutally rigid model of race relations, one that, for all the 
improvements, persists in the often siloed lives of black and white 
Americans today. Half-real and half-mythical, for generations the 
Melungeons were avatars for their neighbours’ neuroses; latterly they 
have morphed into receptacles for their ideals, becoming, in effect, 
ambassadors for integration where once they were targets of prejudice.


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