[Marxism] Independent Jewish Voices responds to attack

Ken Hiebert knhiebert at shaw.ca
Sat Aug 27 07:35:14 MDT 2016

IJV was attacked in an editorial condemning the passage of BDS resolutions at the Green Party convention.

IJV has responded with a statement and with a formal legal complaint.  Media giant PostMedia has since by pulled the editorial from at least two of their websites.  What may have happened is that an editorial writer misjudged the situation and broadcast the kind of slanders that circulate among a narrow core of Israel supporters, apparently failing to check the slanders to see if they would stand up under public scrutiny.

The significance is not what is said, but where it is said.  The Green party has a member of parliament and so this gets the kind of coverage we would not normally get.  Green Party leader Elizabeth May, while struggling to get free of these resolutions, has nevertheless had to repeat some of the criticisms of Israel.  Some people will be hearing these criticisms for the first time.

				ken h


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