[Marxism] Fwd: How Obama Helped Lay the Groundwork for Trump’s Thuggery | The Nation

A.R. G amithrgupta at gmail.com
Sun Aug 28 23:14:27 MDT 2016

"Did Alex Jones ghost write this article? The lack of history here is
> astounding. Donald Trump did not rise out of the swamp last week. This is
> who he's been for his entire life. Obama has absolutely nothing to do with
> Trump's behavior, unless you want to blame him for Presidenting While

The fact that Donald Trump has been a racist all his life is distinct from
what possessed a significant chunk of the electorate to see him as a
suitable presidential candidate. Given that Alex Jones has almost
uncritically defended Donald Trump every step of the way -- hosting him on
his show for a bizarre ranting session where Alex Jones did his usual
schtick about pretending to be in contact with "Top Men," and rallying his
supporters to the RNC -- I don't see how one can blame the Alex Jones crowd
for this kind of rhetoric, attributing Trump to Obama.

Nonetheless, while I do hold Obama somewhat responsible for the direction
the country has gone in the last 8 years, the article is an overstatement.

The article itself focuses only on two policy items: refusing to prosecute
the Bush torture lawyers, and the assassination of Osama Bin Laden. The
former is largely a relic of the Bush administration, which does hold a
significant amount of the blame for openly embracing the status of a rogue
state, as the article suggests. Obama's role, then, is the fact that he
played into this rogue state behavior by not investigating and prosecuting.
The second item, extrajudicial assassinations of "terror" suspects, took
off under Obama, but this is itself an extension of Bush era policies. So
basically it sounds like the argument she is making is that Obama did not
do a good enough job reining in the guy before him. Not sure how much of
that is truly Obama's fault as opposed to simply being part of a slow and
creeping expansion of executive authority that predates him.

- Amith

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