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might be desirable.
I have to add that an intertwined phenomenon is the domination of one wing
of the solidarity movement by PFLP types. When the knife attacks began -
which were universally recognized as a product of youth militancy and
independence - there was hope that a new more revolutionary politics would
arise or at least be widely discussed rooted in those youth.
Unfortunately to date the result instead has been a joint PFLP/bourgeois
liberal joint election slate.
All the more reason for us to find and cherish young Palestinians who are
revolutionary on both questions (on the region and world as a whole for
that matter).

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> Regarding the fascist-tyrant groupie Eva Bartlett, here is what a FB
> friend, a Palestinian from Gaza recently moved to Australia, had to say
> about her:
> Mohammed Sulaiman
> February 14
> When I previously stated that support for the Assad regime and Russia is
> not a coincidental or a minor issue among Palestine solidarity groups but
> rather represents the mainstream line, I hesitated and thought I might have
> exaggerated, but since then, I haven't stopped stumbling upon more and more
> of them. This is the latest example of a journalist who was once a teacher
> of mine when I was 17 years in Gaza. About time Palestine solidarity groups
> seriously examined their moral and intellectual degeneration embodied by a
> baffling range of people that includes the unthinking ideologues, the
> do-gooders, the pro-imperialist fascists, and the anti-Semites. I think
> Palestine is a higher cause of justice that deserves better than this.
> PS: I couldn't listen beyond the first couple minutes. I have no time for
> this nonsense. (he is referring to a link below his post: 'Journalist Eva
> Bartlett: "I'm Back From Syria. The Media Is Lying To You!" » The Event
> Chronicle')
> This was his original post on White "solidarity activists" who have a
> special affection for capitalist tyrants who rule over all those barbarous
> brown people who are not ready for democracy:
> Mohammed Sulaiman
> January 22 ·
> There are (white, mostly British and American) people who have so much
> affection for the Syrian regime of Bashar Al-Assad in a way that leaves me
> genuinely baffled. The extent to which they are so fond of Al-Assad is
> shocking; they are so preoccupied with defending, whitewashing and
> propagandising in defence of the Syrian genocidal dictatorship in a way
> that reminds me of the Zionist propagandists on social media during the
> past three onslaughts on Gaza-- particularly the last one in 2014. I was
> surprised by how many they were, and how many of them were friends with me
> on Facebook. Most of them are people I have never met, and seem to have
> become my Facebook friends because I am a Palestinian from Gaza. They do
> what they do because for them this isn't about Syria but rather about
> Israel/Palestine. They somehow give themselves the legitimacy to speak for
> Palestinians on the Syrian issue. To be honest, I was completely disgusted
> by them that I decided to have no connection whatsoever with the entire
> Palestine solidarity movement. Moreover, they are not a minority there. It
> is no exaggeration to say that they represent the official line amongst
> Palestine solidarity groups. All so called pro-Palestine groups that do not
> take an official stance and speak out publicly against the genocide in
> Syria are complicit because they passively allow their voices to be
> hijacked by these deranged people. Since the advent of the Syrian uprising,
> I haven't thought twice about voicing full support for the people's
> struggle and as this worsened and things became more complicated eventually
> descending into a civil war, these people became all the more visible and
> their voices became increasingly louder. They are so serious about what
> they do and are willing to spends hours on end and participate in endless
> (futile) discussions to recruit support for the Syrian regime and demonise
> the Syrian people and all opposition groups. These people might appear as
> innocuous, at first. One might think they are ignorant, but they are not,
> and they read so much more about Syria than a lot of us do. They are a
> dangerous bunch of dogmatic and arrogant ideologues who are not interested
> in any way in learning about what is actually happening there, and are
> deliberately shutting their eyes to the reality of the Syrian question.
> They believe their knowledge and insight is superior and is therefore
> incontestable. I have not hesitated to delete them from my friends' list,
> and I urge you to do so.
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>> a-civil-war-this-is-a-war-on-syria/
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