[Marxism] A "Nazi" party as an Assad ally

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> And neo-Nazis of the West also support Assad.

> Andrew Auernheimer (weev) for example: http://i.imgur.com/xNeNcfk.jpg

All Nazi, far-right, ultra-nationalist organisations in Europe and US 
support Assad.

On the (appropriately named) Syrian Social Nationalist Party, the party 
whose symbol is a swastika:

This political party was founded by Antun Khalil Saʿada in Lebanon in 
1932 and it reflected his fascist sympathies in many ways, such as his 
cult-of-personality style leadership, the way the party was organized 
and its emphasis on blood lines and mystical nationalism. The party used 
the European fascists and Nazis as a template for its rituals and 
symbolism from the Hitler-like salute, to setting their anthem to 
“Deutschland, Deutschland über alles”, to the use of a Swastika-like 
symbol, the “Red Hurricane”, on its flag.
In the thirties many fascist and Nazi sympathizers flocked to the SSNP 
but these days it can also count on the support of many European extreme 
rightwing groups who express their interest in forums on the web.
--> Is fascism infiltrating our rallies?

- Antun Saadeh was a Lebanese Christian who founded the Syrian Socialist 
Nationalist Party (SSNP) in 1932. He was an unabashed Germanophile and 
made no secret of his admiration for Hitler while teaching German at the 
American University of Beirut. The expansionist polices of Nazi Germany 
touched him the most. The “Syrian” in SSNP refers to the idea of a 
“Greater Syria” on steroids; it would encapsulate the lands of 
Palestine, the Sinai, Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq, and the island of Cyprus 
along with modern-day Syria.
Saadeh’s organization is a literal copy of the German NSAP, including 
doctrines of racist pseudo-science, a personality cult, and a 
Swastika-like flag.
--> Syrian Fascism and the Western Left:

Syrian Girl/Partisan Girl, who many may know from her voluminous defence 
of Assad for years, is a SSNP supporter. This probably accounts for her 
anti-Arab views (she is Syrian, but that doesn;t stop her being 

Syrians are ‘Aramaics’; those barbaric Arabs came and forced them to 
speak Arabic. Similar to the 'Phoenician' identity long proposed by the 
Lebanese Phalange, this position has a logic for those justifying 
support for a gigantic Nakbah aimed at keeping the Assad regime in power 
which has gained much global ultra-right support; yet would contradict 
the "leftist" pro-Arab pretensions of some of those they aim to 

“East Africa and Syria share something in common, we were both invaded 
by the arabs from the gulf and forced to speak Arabic”

“When East Africa reject arabism they're applauded for embracing being 
black, but when Syrians reject arabism, no no no. Why is that?”

Syrian Arab Army anyone? Maybe being honest now about the lack of Syrian 
Arabs doing any of their fighting? 

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