[Marxism] Letter from Oz Katerji to Electronic Intifada

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Wed Aug 31 06:22:15 MDT 2016

No one is asking you to adopt our language, but you are constantly 
calling for balance and looking for neutrality, Explaining that all 
sides are bad, that Assad is popular, that nothing can be done. These 
tactics are the exact same things liberal Zionists do, it's the exact 
same thing you criticise people for.

The point is, if you aren't going to explicitly side with Syrians 
fighting for their civil liberties and democratic freedoms then anything 
else you say is a sounding rod for the status quo and your calls for 
balance on the US and Russia are equally as bad. Russia's MO in Syria 
has been the extermination of civilians and civilian infrastructure. 
Anything that does not explicitly condemn that without looking for 
whatabouttery is simply doing a propaganda job for the Russians. Your 
talk of a negotiated solution adds to the fantasy, the only negotiated 
solution Assad accepts is surrender, same for Iran.
You call for disarmament and not justice and accountability, you want to 
negotiate with the side winning the war with all carrot and no stick, 
logically it's a fallacy. Furthermore, some of your colleagues have said 
poisonous, disgusting things. Asa Winstanley refers to all anti-Assad 
Syrians, ie the majority of the population, as "moderate al-Qaeda", that 
is the exact same language employed by Likudniks to discuss Gazans. 
Furthermore he has consistently shared articles and expressed doubts 
about regime culpability for the Ghouta chemical massacre. This is the 
whitewashing of war crimes. He does this while he continues to publish 
in the pro-regime al-Akhbar.

As a collective your tweets and statements generally do one thing, 
appeal for neutrality. Assad has killed civilians at a ratio of more 
than 10:1 compared to rebels. He has used rape, starvation and nerve gas 
as a weapon of war, he has deliberately targeted schools and hospitals 
as a means of depopulation. Every time you do not explicitly mention 
this in your analysis all it does is muddy the waters and confuse people 
as to who is the largest killer in the region
This isn't an ultimatum, either you guys change your rhetoric or we will 
continue to campaign against you, we aren't telling lies, I will send 
you screenshots to back up every accusation I've made, quite honestly 
you would be shocked at how many people have contacted us in private to 
agree, Palestinian leftists, people you would consider your target 

Most of us grew up idolising Electronic Intifada, now we see it as 
morally compromised. I'm appealing to you as a human being.
There are implications to your words. The term Assadist should not be 
thrown around to describe you lot and I have never done so, but I will 
keep insisting that your political position strengthens the regime 
narrative in the same way whatabouttery strengthens the status quo in 
Palestine. Please listen Rania, please. Please help us, please show your 
solidarity and come out strongly against the regime. It will change 
nothing on the ground but it would genuinely mean something to Syrians.

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