[Marxism] Vote for Clinton?

Clay Claiborne clayclai at gmail.com
Wed Aug 31 18:48:37 MDT 2016

I'm just amazed how the people on this thread can discussion Donald and
Hillary and say nothing about the white nationalism the distinguishes one
of them.

 Am I delusional or are you blind?


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> A.R. G wrote
>    Without weighing in on the merits of voting for neocon Clinton, I don't
>    think that is the gist of the argument. The argument is not that she
>    is the
>    lesser evil. It is that she is *considerably less evil* than her
>    opponent.
>    The argument is that Donald Trump is far, far worse than Clinton, as
>    opposed to say, Romney and Obama or McCain and Obama. In those
>    years, many
>    on the left foolishly backed Obama at the expense of building any
>    kind of
>    counterhegemonic pole by exaggerating the differences between Obama
>    and his
>    opponent.
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------
> Let's say we pretend for a moment. Let's say we're the egregiously
> over-paid freaks in the capital grounds who for years have honed their wits
> doing the deep thinking about these things. They might say, well, we think
> they're getting on to us. It's all becoming so transparent that even kids
> in the playground are on to it. We need a REAL obfuscation this time. We
> once had the Hollywood second-rate movie actor who though past it and well
> on the way to terminal Alzheimers could still peddle crap like he did for
> General Electric tv ads and on the silver screen for eight years, about
> welfare queens, the war on drugs and supply side economics; we have had aw
> shucks drawling Bill and welfare as we know it, NAFTA, the ending of
> fig-leaf banking regulation and the blue dress for eight years; we've had
> the snuggle bunny, befuddled George W. Bush, 'Homeland Security,' gutting
> the Bill of Rights, 'mission accomplished', failed states and concealed
> body counts for another eight years; we've had a black dude who was the
> perfect foil for another eight years, the first 'person of color' and
> Harvard Law Review editor and social worker with the comely family and no
> political tracks behind him who from the time he came out of the band box
> has been entirely in our side pocket, could be counted on to continue where
> Bush and Cheny left off, and left the voters misty-eyed - -  so that we
> could lie and cheat and steal the be jabbers out of the big fat sovereign
> entity enchilada US treasury from one friggin eight year stint to the next
> - and counting? NOW what do we do? Why, of course, the 'You're fired' guy
> on tv, he has said for years that he wanted to be president. Let's put him
> up against the Hill, fill his tender ego so full it spews from his mouth
> like three-day old vomit, Hillary, the first woman president, although
> there have been 58 female leaders of their nations elsewhere and no big
> deal by now, will surely beat the side-show joker and give us as her track
> record incontrovertibly demonstrates everything we want and more, all the
> way back to the White House laughing off the 'but-wait-a-minute,'
> incredulous, gulled voter. And we'll leave all those poor, deluded slobs
> wringing their hands, as they do every four years, over this yet even more
> impossible contest between the two most despised of two 'lesser evils', and
> pondering with great heaves and hos of thought over how they will use their
> vote, which is virtually the only remaining, pitifully small vestige of
> what may have once been slightly more credibly called a 'democracy,' and
> which in better times to come if we squint enough at the distant
> imponderables might be defined at a minimum as controlling one's own
> destiny, more accurately as moving ever closer to substantive equality And
> so we'll 9the WE that counts, that is, continue our journey with our
> paymasters and if we hedge our bets right, us, with still impossibly more
> of the swag. Of course.
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