[Marxism] Fwd: No concern for the opposition

Manuel Barrera mtomas3 at hotmail.com
Thu Dec 1 21:10:53 MST 2016

" I could have found other aging radicals like me to write for North Star who would have met with your approval but I have another agenda."
First, I, for one am glad to see Michael's post. It is one of the great aspects of the North Star that there are activists, whom we were once very much like, willing simply to say what they need to say and say it forcefully without decorum.
Second, I see Michael's points as more of a call to arms rather than a call to cuss. I believe he is dead on to call out the timidity of the liberals but ,as is patently clear from some the "claptrap" denouncing his post here, it is not only bourgeois liberals but "aging radicals" (sic in some cases) who seem think that we will win the struggle for liberation from capitalism with well-chosen verbiage and erudite logic, the "sophisticated" turn of phrase. Claptrap indeed. What Michael, in my view, is saying is that the gloves need to come off, both in our styles of debate, but also in the streets. What do you think? That we're going to "challenge" the "alt-right" with well-chosen demands and inspiring speeches? That the masses are just going to step in line once we stop "maligning" and "organize"? Organize what? Good informational picket lines and orderly marches? Organize whom? Nice liberals who want to "disagree but not be disagreeable" and "workers" in union jackets behind their local banners? Do you really believe that is what a struggle for power is actually going to look like? More important, do you really believe that we did "back when" is going work now? With young people on the bring of lunacy in Black and Brown communities under jackboots of police occupations, with young women who now believe that they are threatened with sexual abuse and harassment without seeming impunity? With immigrant workers and their families feeling under threat of deportation; as the most desirable outcome in the face of right wing and police--and governmental--complicity? Or how about all us "aging radicals" along with our generations under the threat of poverty and misery as the social contract for the elderly and the infirm is shredded before our eyes?
Do you really believe that it will take all of us being "nice" and get along with each other to show that we are the "better people"?

I for one am with Michael and his generation. We Need To Fight and We Need To Fight Dirty and Mean and By Any Means Necessary.

But, please, by all means, continue with lovely turns of phrases and "strong economic analyses" demonstrating (sic) how much better educated you are than the monsters baring their teeth in front of us.
Perhaps you will create enough of a distraction so that the actual organized masses, led by the Michaels and Brandys, the Black Lives youth and the Dream Defenders can come behind or flank them. With swords drawn.

The "siempre" in La Victoria is about Amandla, not "speaking truth to power"

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