[Marxism] Fwd: No concern for the opposition

Mark Lause markalause at gmail.com
Fri Dec 2 11:20:36 MST 2016

I'd be quite happy to discuss this further, but what I meant is mostly the
ongoing silly preoccupation with the well-being of this or that masonic
lodge versus that of its rivals.

With some exceptions of persons, times and places, I think this describes
the process on balance.Something that continued as everything began
collapsing.  People who became gurus in this process couldn't jettison what
made them gurus.

In the wake of the 2014 election, an ex-SWPer (of much more recent vintage
than most of us) insisting that 500 socialist votes in Ohio would be vastly
more important politically than  the 104,000 that went to the Greens.  (I
think he--and know that most who were agreeing with him--wound up
supporting Bernie Sanders who was, after all a "socialist.")  This was a
young man (not really so young, who was severely miseducated in a
quasi-religious kind of sectarianism.  (Certainly one that believes in
magic words.)


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