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Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Sat Dec 17 07:07:31 MST 2016

I’m very optimistic, contrary to the general mood. The battle is hard. 
But look, our revolution has been going for six years. What lessons have 
those six years brought?

First, that we can revolt, that the regime cannot simply crush the 
popular will, whatever it throws at it and whatever allies it finds. 
Something is broken in the regime. Something has ended. If the Americans 
and the Russians and the rest impose on us a situation where Bashar 
al-Assad and his clan continue to reign, they will never again be able 
to reign like before.

The regime survives with a so-called “loyalist” milieu, consisting of 
over ten million people, almost half the population, still under its 
control. And those people have a hatred, a real hatred, of that regime. 
Their daily life is martyrdom. There are immense demonstrations against 
the regime and the Assad family. There are great explosions ahead, and 
this is where they will happen. Where the regime thinks it is most 
stable is where it is the least so. The days when someone could rule the 
Syrian people saying, “shut your mouths, I will do what I want”, are over.

full: http://isj.org.uk/interview-lessons-of-the-syrian-revolution/

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