[Marxism] Feral Animals

DW dwaltersmia at gmail.com
Mon Dec 19 07:50:27 MST 2016

One of the better articles on this. We have an analog situation in the
South and Southwest of the U.S. with the massive invasion of feral
hogs...domestic hogs that have interbred with the European Wild Boar. These
wild hogs number 2,000,000 in Texas alone. The cause huge crop and soil
damage, attack any animals smaller than themselves (like small dear,
raccoons, etc) and threat *all* wild birds that nest on the ground with

This is, of course, a human created situation and blame is enough to spread
around for sure. The situation is so bad that there
hunting...eradicating...the pestilence has created a 365 day per year
hunting season with no limits on how many pigs one can kill by any means
necessary, up to and including fully automatic assault rifles, machine guns
and hunting by helicopter. It is estimated by Wild Game authorities in the
state that it will take 750,000 kills a year just to keep the population
even at 2,000,000. Even with the delicious taste of wild hogs and served at
restaurants all over the State, they simply have no way of hunting away the

Unlike the situation explained in the article, there are licensed
processors for wild hogs all over the state...but only for trapped living
hogs, not for ones killed by hunters. The state is coming up with
regulators to allow processors to handle this kind of meat also.

Another possible solution is the reintroduction of wolves and the banning
of the killing of coyotes which are also considered a pest as well and are
regularly hunted.

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