[Marxism] Feral Animals

DW dwaltersmia at gmail.com
Mon Dec 19 10:44:08 MST 2016

Steven is partially correct. As I noted this is a human created situation.
And I argued for the reintroduction of the wolves...as the only carnivore
species that can take down a wild hot...unless of course one argues for
releasing tigers and lions...which I doubt. The opposition to such
carnivore reintroduction is the same lobby that argued for doing away with
any restriction on hunting pigs: the farmers, who have huge losses that
result from the introduction of the wild pig hybrid into the State (and
other states).

But it's limited. One would need 10s of thousands of wolves roaming
Texas...something virtually impossible given human habitation there. It
would also take decades to bring the numbers up to something effective as
predators. Of course humans are predators as well but even this has it

They are pestilence unlike deer. Deer are a nuisance, but there we are
talking about somebody's tulips being chomped not massive rutting,
destruction of cultivated land, and environmental destruction, etc. In
California where there is also an endemic of wild pigs, though not as
destructive as those in Texas, the biggest gripers about this species are
organic farmers, who have a lot more invested per acre than commercial
farmers and have smaller plots.

Yes...it's true that North America has lots of "open niches" for animals
that never evolved or migrated here. Some fit in nicely, as Steve's note on
wild horses...they fill a perfect niche in fact. Pigs do note.

In my opinion a truly massive culling through hunting and trapping is
necessary along with the introduction of wolves and maybe mountain lions
(smaller than African lions, they live throughout the Pacific states and
can cull, with pleasure, the smaller wild pigs). The development of a 'wild
pig' eating culture would be very helpful as well, with more demand by
consumers, there would more people out there taking these beasts out. This
is one reason hunting for game...though pigs are not considered 'game'
(it's an eradication process)... for consumption. One should eat what one

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