[Marxism] Russian ambassador assassinated

Gary MacLennan gary.maclennan1 at gmail.com
Mon Dec 19 17:27:31 MST 2016

I know it is very dangerous thought, but there is a kind of clarity about
Trump and his entourage that in many ways I welcome.  He is an enemy *tout
court.  *No illusions there, unlike say Obama. Now there was a traitor.  I
recall the debates on the list about electing him and how there would be an
enormous boost to grass roots radicalism if he got into the White House -



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> Just to bring people up to date, Turkey and Russia are now the best of
> pals whatever happened at this art show, which as it happens celebrates
> Turkish-Russian friendship. In fact there's the same kind of bromance
> between Erdogan and Putin as there is between Trump and Putin. How do you
> think that Russia was able to turn East Aleppo into Grozny? It is not just
> Turkey that has abandoned the Syrian rebels. It is also Qatar and Saudi
> Arabia. Some of my befuddled FB friends were posting ridiculous news items
> a couple of weeks ago about how Turkey had invaded Syria to get rid of
> Assad. I had to remind them that we are living on the planet Earth, not the
> planet Vlendark in a parallel universe. Some of these friends still hadn't
> gotten it right. They were posting news items about how Congress had
> authorized MANPAD's for East Aleppo. Wake the fuck up, people. This is not
> 1914. Read Lenin on imperialism. WWI started because of the rivalry between
> nation-states over oil. With ExxonMobil's chairman serving as Secretary of
> State at the same time he is the co-chairman of a joint venture with the
> Kremlin, it ain't gonna happen. Wake the fuck up.
> http://aa.com.tr/en/todays-headlines/erdogan-letter-to-putin
> -calls-for-friendly-ties/598598
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