[Marxism] Trump, Assad and the US Left

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> Given the extent of US responsibility for the general situation, we 
> should pay for steps taken by the UNSC to pacify the region.

Yes, just what the left needs to be calling for, a "pacification" 
program. Don't worry Carl, seems Trump and Putin will be organising one 
of those to clean up and "pacify" all those uppity Arabs and Muslims in 
the region. Time to restore the pre-2011 Order in the region.

> But I’m appalled at the Obama administration’s efforts to support the 
> jihadists in the face of Trump’s threat to abandon them.

What is it about leftists who think that when the US bombs "jihadists" 
in Syria for years, but never Assad, this indicates that the US is 
"supporting" jihadists and trying to overthrow Assad? Is bombing them 
just a devious way of bringing about their victory? Is not bombing 
Assad, indeed, bombing alongside, in alliance with, Assad forces, 
against jihadists, just a devious way of making Assad look bad? As for 
any alleged new "attempts" by Obama to support those it has been bombing 
for over 2 years in the face of trump's more open support for 
Putin/Assad, not sure how that idea squares with reality:

Obama Declares Fight is With Terrorists Rather Than Assad

November 11 2016
by Scott Lucas
Two days after Donald Trump’s election, officials of the Obama 
Administration have publicly acknowledged the shift in US involvement in 
Syria, focusing on the killing of leaders of the jihadist faction Jabhat 
Fatah al-Sham (formerly Jabhat al-Nusra) rather than confrontation with 
the Assad regime or even the Islamic State.
The officials said President Obama has ordered the Pentagon to find and 
kill the leaders of JFS/Nusra, which formally revoked its allegiance to 
Al Qa’eda in July to focus on “unity” in the fight against the Assad 
Despite the revocation, the official said Obama ordered the deployment 
of more drones and intelligence assets, overseen by the Joint Special 
¬Operations Command, because of “concern that [JFS/Nusra] is turning 
parts of Syria into a new base of operations for al-Qaeda on Europe’s 
southern doorstep”.
The officials said the White House and State Department led the shift, 
overriding the objections of Pentagon staff who do not want to pull 
resources away from the fight against the Islamic State. 

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