[Marxism] ISIS: the Middle East in the fire of the jihadists

Philip Ferguson philipferguson8 at gmail.com
Wed Dec 21 13:41:02 MST 2016

My friend Karim has just had his first book published.  It's in Farsi, but
some people here would be fluent in Farsi.


Pourhamzavi, Karim. (2016). *ISIS: The Middle East in the Jihadists' Fire*.
Nogaam. London.

Cover designer: Abdulqader Balouch.

This book is the first book in Farsi which considers the jihadist groups

The first part of the book addresses the ideology of these groups in its
historical context. This starts from the 14th century when the Salafi
interpretation of Islam emerged and the way it was adopted as the only and
official version of understanding Islam in Saudi Arabia in early 20th
century. Then it goes to 20th-century development of jihadist thoughts in
places like Egypt, Afghanistan, and post-2003-Iraq.

The second part addresses the emergence of the jihadist movement in the
shadow of third party sponsorship such as local rulers and regional and
global powers who used these movements against their rivals for
economic-political gains.

In the third part, the book addresses the claimed sectarian element of the
conflict in the Middle East. The book suggests that a large amount of
evidence indicates otherwise - the essence of this conflict is not
sectarian or based on Sunni vs. Shi'a. The term sectarianism is therefore
used for simplifying a much more complex reality, involving proxy wars and
international adversaries over the Middle East.

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