[Marxism] Fwd: Forsaking the Syrian Revolution: An Anti-Imperialist Handbook

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Thu Dec 22 19:01:50 MST 2016

Having said that, Metropolitan anti-imperialism, when it comes to Syria, 
is uncannily haunted by imperial arguments, logics and sensibilities. 
Both groups cannot imagine political practice that is not bound to, and 
defined by its relation, to Empire. They both draw from the same 
Islamophobic pool of concepts, making distinctions between Good Muslims 
and Bad Muslims. They are both convinced that they know better than the 
people on the ground, especially if they contest their 
imperial/anti-imperial politics. They both practice a politics drenched 
with moralism; possessed by a crusading spirit that seeks to eradicate 
evil in the world (America is the eradicator of all Evil/America is the 
source of all Evil). At the level of sensibilities, they are both 
endowed with a self-complacency and self-assuredness of being on the 
right side of History.

Assad, recently, declared that Donald Trump could be a “natural ally”. 
Those Leftists who foreclose the possibility of solidarity with the 
Syrian struggle for emancipation by excising the revolutionaries from 
the domain of the political by dubbing all of them ‘Jihadis’ and 
‘sectarian’ may well draw from the same conceptual pool of those 
proposing a ‘Muslim registry’ in the Metropole.


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