[Marxism] Alexander Bogdanov and Russian Machism

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We had the following exchange on my FB wall.

McKenzie Wark:  The post above frames Bogdanov's argument in Lenin's terms, which distorts it. What Bogdanov thought he was doing is providing a Marxist explanation for where the categories of 'materialism' and 'idealism' come from in the first place. This necessarily...See More

Jim Farmelant:    Bogdanov also took Ernst Mach to task for not fully overcoming the dualism between subjective and objective perspectives. So for Bogdanov, Mach's empiriocriticism, tended to be oriented towards contemplation rather than action. It sought a pure descri...See More

Jim Farmelant:    And yes, for Bogdanov, the emergence of the distinction between the physical and mental realms was to be understood historically.
McKenzie Wark :   Jim Farmelant the parallel to pragmatism is indeed an interesting one.


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Jim, are you familiar with McKenzie Wark's *Molecular Red*? Good intro to

Also, Karen Barad - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Karen_Barad

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