[Marxism] Tossed aside in "the white gold rush" - Washington Post

Dennis Brasky dmozart1756 at gmail.com
Sat Dec 24 10:01:01 MST 2016

Indigenous people are left poor as tech world takes lithium from under
their feet

excerpt -

In visits to all six of the indigenous communities, which lie on a
mountain-ringed desert about 25 miles from Argentina’s northwest border
with Chile, The Post found a striking contrast — faraway companies
profiting from mineral riches while the communities that own the land
struggle to pay for sewage systems, drinking water and heat for schools.

“We know the lithium companies are taking millions of dollars from our
lands,” said Luisa Jorge, a leader in Susques, one of the six communities
around the salt flats. “The companies are conscious of this. And we know
they ought to give something back. But they’re not.”

“They are taking everything away from us,” said Carlos Guzman, 44, an
indigenous resident who leads a group worried about contamination and water
use by the lithium mines. “These lands are ancestral. We live by this. By
the fields. By our cattle. This way of life is in danger.”


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