[Marxism] Fwd: To “leftist” admirers of Assad’s Syria – P U L S E

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Sat Dec 24 11:29:36 MST 2016

But how could one fail to explode in anger when one reads statements in 
support of the regime of the Assads, father and son, issued by men and 
women who claim to stand on the left, and who should therefore 
sympathize with struggles for justice everywhere? How could one fail to 
become exasperated when one hears them praise the independence, 
secularism, progressive character, and even “socialism” of a lawless 
clan that took power in an army coup more than forty-five years ago and 
whose only concern is to keep exerting power forever? “Assad forever”, 
“Assad or nobody”, “Assad or we burn the country”, chant Assad’s 
partisans. And his “leftist” supporters nod approvingly under the 
pretext that there is no other choice: it’s either him or ISIS.

And yet the Syrians who rose in 2011 were the first to vigorously 
condemn the jihadi groups of all sorts and kinds, and in particular 
ISIS, that have infested their popular uprising after it was forced into 
militarization. Completely alien to the demands of liberty and dignity 
of the popular uprising, these jihadi groups focused their attacks 
principally on the vital forces of the opposition, whether civilian or 
military, and cracked down on the population in the areas that they 
managed to control. In so doing, they buttressed Assad’s propaganda 
inside Syria as well as internationally, allowing him to portray himself 
as a defender of religious minorities.

full: https://pulsemedia.org/2016/12/24/to-leftist-admirers-of-assads-syria/

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