[Marxism] Fwd: Tibetans in anguish as Chinese mines pollute their sacred grasslands - The Washington Post

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Mon Dec 26 08:21:04 MST 2016

High in western China’s Sichuan province, in the shadow of holy 
mountains, the Liqi River flows through a lush, grassy valley, dotted 
with grazing yaks, small Tibetan villages and a Buddhist temple. But 
there’s poison here.

A large lithium mine not only desecrates the sacred grasslands, 
villagers say, but spawns deadly pollution. This river used to be full 
of fish. Today, there are hardly any.  Hundreds of yaks, the villagers 
say, have died in the past few years after drinking river water.

China’s thirst for mineral resources — and its desire to exploit the 
rich deposits under the Tibetan plateau —  have spread environmental 
pollution and anguish for many of the herders whose ancestors  lived 
here for thousands of years.

The land they worship is under assault, and their way of life is 
threatened without their consent, the herders say.

“Old people, we see the mines and we cry,” a 67-year-old yak herder 
said, requesting anonymity for fear of retribution. “What are the future 
generations going to do? How are they going to survive?”


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