[Marxism] Fwd: Eva Bartlett breaks down the war propaganda on Syria from Daraa to Aleppo - YouTube

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I mentioned Dawson once in a prior discussion, I believe. It is sad what
happened with him. Some time ago he was just another pro-Palestine
commentator that lurked around the internet, and he had hosted some
discussion forums online to discuss Zionism -- quite useful at a time when
social networking wasn't as great. Slowly over time he went nuttier and
nuttier, and he started hosting Holocaust denial content on his page. I
gave him the benefit of the doubt for some time, confronting him about it
and hoping he would see reason (I think he did at one point before
relapsing into this crank lunacy) but since then I think he has just gone
further down that rabbit hole. He is part of a genuinely problematic fringe
of the Palestine movement (although primarily only in cyberspace), shilling
for Assad, Trump, and 9/11 Conspiracy theories.

The truth is this shit is more common than some would like to acknowledge.
Some friends in the Muslim community mentioned that friends and family
admired Trump on the basis that he would be tough on ISIS. Hitler's legacy
is also poorly understood in much of the Middle East and among Muslim
immigrants given Israel's exploitation of the genocide, so there is some
tolerance for this false version of Hitler who is conflated with Nasser and
others. The lack of a functioning leftist pole in this country has driven
some in those communities in that direction, I think that's who Bartlett
and others are trying to tap for support.

- Amith

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> Eva Bartlett, the co-editor of Sign of the Times that I reported on today,
> is interviewed by Ryan Dawson, a notorious holocaust denier.
> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hKcvtOya2-Q
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