[Marxism] further on Vzla's CLAPs and reporting

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Gracias, Michael, ambos VA y aporrea.org son sitios buenos y lo que estaba buscando. Análisis en español e inglés (desde venezolanos) son importantes que siempre anglos y "americanos" (aunque mejico-americanos) no encontramos. He añadido los dos a mis favoritos para revisar.

What is difficult is that I am reluctant to share some of these articles on my pages, the "Slow CLAP for Buzzfeed" article took awhile to download, but was well worth it, because I suspect that there are "obstacles" to allowing fast transmission speeds. It may not be a problem (I tried to review these from a coffee shop and will try again when I get to my own network). An opinion/analysis in Aporrea from Alí Anzola Escorche (http://www.aporrea.org/ideologia/a239238.html) was instructive in understanding some of the thinking among the people behind these sites. It seems clear a) that there is a myopia/deliberate blindness presented in the U.S./European media about the capitalist attempts to impoverish Venezuelan and b) that there seems an interesting development among Venezuelans, including the current government, to address the crisis by creating alternative processes. It is of course untenable and can be dangerous: both Chilean-style coup or Cuban-style revolution are possible.
I knew if I asked someone here would open the viewing frame for me.

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Venezuela y la búsqueda de la alternativa ante la debacle del Capitalismo<http://www.aporrea.org/ideologia/a239238.html>
"La razón última de todas las crisis reales es siempre la pobreza y la limitación del consumo de las masas frente a la tendencia de la producción capitalista a desarrollar las fuerzas prod...

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