[Marxism] Tony Norfield on Trump and the US-Russia-China triangle

Philip Ferguson philipferguson8 at gmail.com
Fri Dec 30 17:21:02 MST 2016

Although it is the world’s major power, the US has found it difficult to
impose its will in the past decade or so. From President Bush’s ‘mission
accomplished’ speech about Iraq in 2003, to the continuing disasters in
Afghanistan, Libya and Syria, from US policy in Ukraine also being upset by
Russian intervention in Crimea, to how the Saudis and other Gulf states
have destabilised the Middle East, the US has not been getting its own way
and has been unable to impose settlements that would otherwise be expected
of a hegemonic power. This puts the incoming US administration under *The
Donald* in an interesting position.

Early signs suggest that POTUS-elect Trump is taking a softer line on
Russia, one different from the still Cold War-inspired position of the
Obama regime. Trump has stated that he expects the Europeans to pay more
for their own NATO-related defence, which might make them less willing to
finance an increased build-up of military operations close to Russia’s
borders. Trump has also rejected. . .
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