[Marxism] Fwd: Trumbo: Hollywood’s Anti-communist Tribute to Itself

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Tue Feb 2 07:30:42 MST 2016

(An article from ex-SDS geezer Eric Mann complaining that "Trumbo" 
defames the CPUSA. If this guy had anything to do with the making of the 
film, it would have gone straight to video. Just read his leaden prose 
and you'll see how little he understands about storytelling, a sine qua 
non for film-making.)

The film goes out of its way to portray Dalton Trumbo and his 
compatriots in the CP as simply good people who wanted jobs and justice 
and had nothing to do with the Soviet Union. This is an anti-communist 
lie. Joining the CPUSA had everything to do with the Soviet Union. 
Communist cadre would tell Black and white working people and yes, 
writers and intellectuals, “The Soviet Union is the first workers state. 
They tell you socialism and revolution are not possible but look, the 
Soviet workers did it, we can do it too? And look. The U.S. does not 
want the Soviet Union to last and will not really fight to defend the 
Soviet Union They want the Nazis to defeat the socialist experiment 
which is why they won’t open up a second front in World War II. Join the 
party. Defend the Soviet Union. Demand that the Democrats and Roosevelt 
open up that second front.”


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