[Marxism] Fwd: Russia Tells Chechens, Leave Grozny or Die

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Wed Feb 3 17:30:16 MST 2016

On 2/3/16 7:20 PM, A.R. G wrote:
> I mean in fairness this is from like 1999. A good reminder but I thought
> it was a news item for a second.

Except that the Putin apologist John Wight just wrote something on 
CounterPunch that defended the siege of Grozny. That is why it sprang to 

"Putin rose to power in Russia on the back of his role in violently 
suppressing the Chechen uprising, which began amid the chaos of the 
Soviet Union’s dissolution. It was a brutal and bloody conflict in which 
atrocities were undoubtedly committed, as they are in every conflict, 
until the uprising was finally crushed and Moscow’s writ restored."


This sanctimonious "war is hell" bullshit is what you would hear from 
someone who defended carpet bombing Dresden. Oh, I forgot. He did.

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