[Marxism] "at least mention the forces responsible for Syrian refugees fleeing their country"

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Well said Sam. But of course they won't all die horribly, just yet. 
Perhaps after years of ongoing guerrilla struggle, many will be picked 
off one by one. They may think they can finish this via employing an 
invasion by the Russian superpower (I don't really care whether one 
calls it "imperialist" or not in the circumstances; theoreticians may 
discuss that, for now, the second major military power on Earth has been 
savaging a small country for months and months without a peep from those 
opposed to ... foreign intervention). But if they think that, they will 
be entertaining the same illusions that the new Zionist state had in 
1948; it's all over. Still isn't.

Meanwhile, anyone on the left still putting up sqeamish liberal 
arguments against the right of the Syrian rebels to receive *massive* 
quantities of *the best* anti-aircraft weapons (because manpads, which 
the US has blocked for years, would only be useful against the lower 
flying Syrian helicopters dropping barrel bombs for years, but not 
against this highly advanced Russian mass-murder equipment), from 
*anywhere* they can get them, right now, is a direct participant in this 
massive new Nakbah.

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Sam Charles Hamad on Facebook -

They are quite concretely attempting to destroy the nascent inner 
of Free Syria. Destroying the very functionality of liberty. Russia has
been able to do it with brutal precision. The last major hospital in 
Aleppo has been destroyed by the Russian air force. Filthy cowards. May
they all die horribly.

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