[Marxism] Compilation of Recent Russian Crimes Against Humanity in Syria

Michael Karadjis mkaradjis at gmail.com
Wed Feb 3 20:08:17 MST 2016

Below is a compilation of Russian crimes against humanity in Syria, just 
in early 2016 alone. The last few months of 2015 would show an equally 
horrific, and longer, toll. As I write, the United Nations has finally 
postponed its bogus Syria “peace” talks, even they finally recognising 
that holding a talk fest, while the state-terrorist group currently 
occupying Damascus, and its invading Russian backer, dramatically step 
up their already prolific level of mass murder, is not going to achieve 

In response to Russia bombing the last hospital in Free Aleppo, my 
friend and fellow supporter of the Syrian people, Sam Charles Hamad, 
wrote on his Facebook page 
“They are quite concretely attempting to destroy the nascent inner 
workings of Free Syria. Destroying the very functionality of liberty. 
Russia has been able to do it with brutal precision. The last major 
hospital in North Aleppo has been destroyed by the Russian air force. 
Filthy cowards. May they all die horribly.”

Very appropriate words. But of course, despite our justified anger, the 
cowards won't all die horribly, just yet, not with the advantage of all 
that advanced mass-murder equipment they employ safely from the skies. 
Some will, of course: the ground troops, the cannon fodder. That is, 
what is today still called, farcically, the Syrian “Arab” Army: the army 
of Iranian Revolutionary Guards, Hezbollah traitors, Iraqi Shiite death 
squads, and countless dirt-poor Afghan Hazara and even Pakistani Shia, 
sent to Syria by the Iranian hang-man regime either by force, 
manipulation or lies.

Perhaps one reason why Israel has continually declared itself so happy 
about its alliance with Russia since Russia took the lead role in 
defending the Assad family’s power away from Iran, is that it kills two 
birds with the one stone: on the one hand, Israel’s asset in Damascus is 
defended just as well if not better, by a pro-Israeli ruler like Putin 
rather than someone who feels compelled to issue a lot of anti-Israel 
noise like Khameini; on the other, just in case some of these Khameini 
rabble, particularly a few Hezbollahis, were ever inclined to take the 
anti-Zionist rhetoric seriously, then using them as cannon-fodder keeps 
them busy, and buries plenty of them at the same time as they bury 
Syrian rebels and civilians. As they choose to be cannon-fodder for a 
gigantic Zionist-style Nakbah in Syria, they won’t be mourned.

But the Assadist and Russian cowards in the skies remain untouched. For 
now. But the struggle continues. For months and months of Russian carpet 
bombing, very little was achieved militarily, even as thousands of 
civilians were slaughtered. But ultimately, the superiority of Russian 
warplanes will wear down the resistance; and possibly now we may see a 
victory of Assadist/Russian air power over the people of northern 
Aleppo. We’ll see.

But even if so, this blood-drenched occupation will confront perhaps 
years of ongoing guerrilla struggle, during which many of these cowards 
will be picked off one by one, or blown to bits. The Assad family 
dynasty may think they can finish this via employing an invasion by the 
Russian superpower (I don't really care whether one calls Russia 
"imperialist" or not in the circumstances; theoreticians may discuss 
that, but for now, the second major military power on Earth has been 
savaging a small country for months and months without a peep from those 
opposed to ... “foreign intervention”). But if they think that, they 
will be entertaining the same illusions that the new Zionist state had 
in 1948; that it's all over. Still isn't.

Meanwhile, anyone on the left still putting up squeamish liberal 
arguments against the right of the Syrian rebels to receive *massive* 
quantities of *the best* anti-aircraft weapons (because manpads, which 
the US has meticulously blocked for years, would only be useful against 
the lower and slower flying Syrian helicopters barrel bombing the 
country to pieces for years, but not against this highly advanced 
Russian mass-murder equipment), from *anywhere* they can get them, 
*right now*, is a direct participant in this massive new Nakbah.

With no means of defending themselves and their communities against this 
gigantic aerial massacre, the one and only Russian killer-plane shot 
down was hit by Turkey; regardless of Erdogan's own crimes inside 
Turkey, I was amazed that when I wrote that the downing of this Russian 
plane was "one small victory for humanity" 
some leftists actually had the gall to condemn this stand. On the other 
hand, I was most pleased to see ‘Red Flag’, the newspaper of Australia’s 
Socialist Alternative, take a stand worthy of the left by publishing my 
article under the heading ‘One Small Victory for Humanity’ 
(https://www.facebook.com/thomas.tomtom1/posts/10153755391629250). Let 
there be many more.

Below I have put together a compilation of Russian war crimes from early 
2016 alone as a ready reference for anyone remaining confused on this 
issue (the article on the downing of the Russian plan, just linked to 
above, begins with a summary of Russian war crimes in 2015, to add to 
this list).


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