[Marxism] Mike Alewitz on Bernie Sanders

Michael Yates mikedjyates at msn.com
Fri Feb 5 10:25:26 MST 2016

>From the fine artist, Mike Alewitz's Facebook page:
Let me see if I get this correctly:
Bernie Sanders went on demonstrations in the early 1960s, but then took a 50-year break until 2014.So he skipped the anti-Vietnam War movement, the women’s movement and the other critical social movements of his generation.Now he supports working people, but thinks its ok to bomb them in other countries.And he’s for democracy, but he supports monarchies and Israeli apartheid.He’s for government transparency, but wants Snowden to stand trial.He’s independent, but has always supported the corporate Democratic Party candidates.He’s against police violence, but thinks the police are a socialist institution.He voted against the Iraq War, but then voted to fund it.He’s battling the Washington establishment, but he’s a lifelong professional politician.He’s against Hillary Clinton, but has pledged to support her after she wins the primary.He’s a democratic socialist, but assures us he will not threaten capitalism.And he has proclaimed that his vote in Iowa was the beginning of a Political Revolution...So - he’s getting movement activists off the streets and signing them up to strengthen the Democratic Party, a party that destroys progressive movements, so he can lead the revolution that will end Democratic Party politics, in order to move to a kind of socialism that preserves capitalism?
Makes total sense.___________________________
What a complete waste of time by left-liberals devoting their energies to tweeting and facebooking every ten seconds during Sanders-Clinton debates, going on and on about a Sanders' revolution. Meanwhile, death and destruction are rained down upon people all over the world, ignored by both candidates, who would do nothing to end it. And the environment gets more unlivable by the month, and again neither candidate gives a shit about it and has no plan to change things. Just as those who support, directly or indirectly, butchers like Assad and Putin should be shunned, so too should those who more or less demand that leftists support Sanders be, scorned and shunned. They are enemies of the left and make no mistake about it.


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