[Marxism] SA sending ground troops?

Michael Karadjis mkaradjis at gmail.com
Fri Feb 5 22:50:04 MST 2016

Yes, it is a difference without a distinction or perhaps not even a 
difference. Ron might have missed the fact that this Saudi suggestion to 
send troops is only to "fight ISIS", alongside the US, Assad, Russia, 
Iran, France, the YPG and everyone else. None of them to fight the much, 
much bigger terrorist entity in Syria. And since even those among these 
forces who are barely fighting ISIS at all - ie, Assad, Russia and 
Iran - use the rationale of allegedly "fighting ISIS" to carry out their 
mass murdering global onslaught against the Syrian rebels - who are the 
only ones who have fought ISIS on their own terms without any foreign 
imperialist bombs to help them - then theoretically "ISIS" is the target 
of this "resistance" carried out by the Axis of it. So by joining the 
"US axis" the Saudis are joining the "axis of Resistance" since the US 
is already in it.

Really, at the very moment when total US support for the 
Russian-Assad-Iran onslaught against the Aleppo rebels is now as 
transparent as ever, at the moment that tens of thousands, if not 
hundreds of thousands, are being forced across borders in this massive 
new Nakbah, the Saudi regime, which pretends to support the Syrian 
rebels, announces it is time to send forces to "fight ISIS". Right now, 
if Saudi Arabia and Turkey do not - and of course they will not - 
finally break the US embargo on them supplying anti-aircrafts to the 
Syrian rebels, they stand completely exposed.

The complete and utter laugh that the Syrian rebels are a Saudi-Turkish 
creature stands exposed. However, the far bigger laugh that they are a 
creature of the US has stood exposed now for rather a long time; now, 
though, the unity of the US-Russian positions (as Kerry himself often 
acknowledges, and once recently in rather blatant terms), stands out 
clear as ever.

On 2/5/16 11:02 AM, Ron Jacobs wrote:
> except Saudi troops will be part of the US axis of whatever the hell 
> it
> is....not your "axis of resistance"


> Okay, let me get this straight. Tons of bombs being dropped in Syria 
> and
Iraq with the USA's deployed on behalf of the anarchist, freedom-loving
Kurds advancing on jihadists here and there while Russia's being
deployed on behalf of Shiite militias. This is a difference without a
distinction. When it is your hospital or bakery that is being blasted to
hell, what difference does it make if the lettering on the bombs is from
the Latin or Cyrillic alphabet?

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