[Marxism] Mike Alewitz on Bernie Sanders

Gary MacLennan gary.maclennan1 at gmail.com
Fri Feb 5 15:20:59 MST 2016

Well I have to confess, to a sneaking pleasure that Sanders was doing
well.  I know, I know. My Bad.

But there is an absolute dearth of anything like the Good News. Here in
Australia a billionaire Tory phoney has the liberal progressives in a
swoon. The Arab Spring was strangled in the cradle. Syriza cut its own
throat. And the sight of Putin in Moscow makes me want to retch. I won't go

Alewitz is absolutely correct, (unfortunately).  And I have been pulled
into line, and I promise I won't backslide...still....



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> From the fine artist, Mike Alewitz's Facebook page:
> Let me see if I get this correctly:
> Bernie Sanders went on demonstrations in the early 1960s, but then took a
> 50-year break until 2014.So he skipped the anti-Vietnam War movement, the
> women’s movement and the other critical social movements of his
> generation.Now he supports working people, but thinks its ok to bomb them
> in other countries.And he’s for democracy, but he supports monarchies and
> Israeli apartheid.He’s for government transparency, but wants Snowden to
> stand trial.He’s independent, but has always supported the corporate
> Democratic Party candidates.He’s against police violence, but thinks the
> police are a socialist institution.He voted against the Iraq War, but then
> voted to fund it.He’s battling the Washington establishment, but he’s a
> lifelong professional politician.He’s against Hillary Clinton, but has
> pledged to support her after she wins the primary.He’s a democratic
> socialist, but assures us he will not threaten capitalism.And he has
> proclaimed that his vote in Iowa was the beginning of a Political
> Revolution...So - he’s getting movement activists off the streets and
> signing them up to strengthen the Democratic Party, a party that destroys
> progressive movements, so he can lead the revolution that will end
> Democratic Party politics, in order to move to a kind of socialism that
> preserves capitalism?
> Makes total sense.___________________________
> What a complete waste of time by left-liberals devoting their energies to
> tweeting and facebooking every ten seconds during Sanders-Clinton debates,
> going on and on about a Sanders' revolution. Meanwhile, death and
> destruction are rained down upon people all over the world, ignored by both
> candidates, who would do nothing to end it. And the environment gets more
> unlivable by the month, and again neither candidate gives a shit about it
> and has no plan to change things. Just as those who support, directly or
> indirectly, butchers like Assad and Putin should be shunned, so too should
> those who more or less demand that leftists support Sanders be, scorned and
> shunned. They are enemies of the left and make no mistake about it.
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