[Marxism] Mike Alewitz on Bernie Sanders

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Sat Feb 6 00:46:10 MST 2016

A graphic I put together on Sanders maybe didn't go down so well in
some quarters:'the lesser of 2 Democrat evils'.
But  I've seen US Dem populism before -- albeit from my posey in Australia.
However, I think there is some stuff happening around the Sanders
phenomenon that warrant relating to....somehow.
Being stand offish doesn't cut the tactical mustard...as it woudl not
have around the Jesse Jackson 'Rainbow' of 1984

I think HERE, in Australia,  Steve O'Brien captures that potential
pretty well in an op ed piece for the Newcastle Herald. Steve is a
Socialist Alliance member and a local activist .

'Bernie Sanders and his example for Australian voters'

We may not  have to deal with the impact the Sanders campaign may have
on US 3rd party politics -- but , let's say, Sanders is useful even a
world away.

As Steve writes:

<QUOTE>I suspect that millions of US citizens, just like my family,
live with the fear and insecurity of being just one major illness away
from bankruptcy and homelessness. Given this insecurity and the threat
to jobs posed by neo-liberal globalisation, US working people are
looking for solutions.

Some are attracted to candidates like Trump who scapegoat immigrants
and refugees. In contrast, Sanders sees corporate America as being
responsible for, and benefiting from, the GFC and supports affordable
healthcare, free education, a minimum wage and income equality.

Sanders has also created space for grassroots socialists – such as
Seattle City Councillor Kshama Sawant who was recently re-elected
after helping win a $15 minimum wage.

The progressive governments in Latin America, the emergence of Syriza
in Greece, Podemos in Spain and the elevation of Jeremy Corbyn to
leader of British Labour demonstrate the appeal of socialist policies.

The Labor Party in Australia hasn’t caught on to the political shift
represented by Sanders and Corbyn. ALP leader-in-waiting Anthony
Albanese even red-baited his Green opponent in the seat of Grayndler
for being a ‘socialist’ last week. An ALP break with neo-liberalism
would show a difference between Shorten and Turnbull.

Sanders shows the potential of the progressive vote and demonstrates
that people need to be energised and inspired in order to want to
exercise it.<UNQUOTE>

dave riley

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