[Marxism] Joshua Frank comment on FB

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Sat Feb 6 15:03:57 MST 2016

The left's cheerleading of bombs falling on Aleppo in Syria is so 
disgusting. Very good, independent journalists on the ground have long 
reported that Aleppo is controlled largely by rebels, not al Nursa as 
the Russian/Assad propagandists would have us believe. Now tens of 
thousands are racing for their lives out of the war zone to the Turkish 
border where they are being set up in rag-tag camps, depending on others 
for survival. They know the bombs falling on their homes are Russia's. 
And the so-called "left" is cheering this on as if it's a victory 
against imperialism. A total, ignorant disgrace with no sense of history 
or what it was that sparked the legitimate revolution in Syria. But you 
know, at least Assad was nice enough (like Netanyahu in Gaza) to drop 
leaflets letting the poor folks know they were about to be slaughtered. 
How courteous of the man Bush once sent detainees to torture on our 
behalf. Syria was our main destination for extraordinary rendition for 
years. Assad was our pal in torture. But the left now sees Assad as the 
good guy and Russia as only aiding his efforts to fight "terror". What a 
disgrace. I am quite certain that Edward Said would be appalled by the 
"left's" current strain of Orientalism. I know I am.

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