[Marxism] Comment on the fascist blitzkrieg in Aleppo

Michael Karadjis mkaradjis at gmail.com
Sun Feb 7 04:40:19 MST 2016

Sam Charles Hamad

This is a very deliberate and systematic plan of ethnic cleansing by the 
regime in Free Aleppo, as we've been seeing with other parts of Syria 
for years. It'll involve the physical extermination of parts of the 
populace, but it'll mainly involve the displacement of large amounts of 
civilians - these refugees that are cast into a merciless exile. It's 
part of a genocide.

There's a deliberate effort here to depopulate areas of liberated Syria. 
A rump state that exists on an almost solely communitarian and sectarian 
basis, propped up by imperialist Russia and Iran, with all the racist 
and sectarian elements that determine imperialism in general and this 
imperialism in particular, dependent on foreign Shia jihadists who have 
no affinity with Syria, can only depopulate the areas that revolted 
against it. It makes potential governance easier, while it sucks away 
the base of the rebellion, both in terms of manpower and for other 
'human resources', so to speak. This is structural too - it's why Russia 
and the regime have targeted hospitals and other civil structures. 
Dismantling the infrastructure of liberated areas. Drain the lifeblood 
of the revolution. There are now literally no functioning hospitals in 
North Aleppo, all have been destroyed by the regime and, latterly with 
much more vicious precision, Russia.

It's also worth noting that when one talks of 'Free Aleppo', they're not 
just using rhetoric. A culture has developed in areas of liberated 
Aleppo that, despite being under the constant threat of death from 
above, would have been unthinkable in Baathist Syria. The regime's 
apparatuses of extermination, the feared security forces responsible for 
those Holocaust-esque photos of thousands of Syrians tortured and beaten 
to death leaked by 'Caesar', will begin to operate in those areas, 
buoyed as they were very early on in the revolution by Iranian 
intelligence capabilities, and now also by Russian ones.

The destruction of Free Aleppo, if it is allowed to occur, will be 
remembered in years maybe decades to come as something between 
Stalingrad and the sack of Baghdad by the Mongols in 1258. Those whose 
worldview is narrow and conservative, such as most of the left and the 
right, will snigger and sneer at comments such as this, at the travails 
of brown people in far away places that don't feature in the 'worthy 
victims' part of their ideological dichotomy, but all those who've 
followed the fate of the Syrian revolution through all its trying, 
testing contradictions without caving to craven indifference, savage 
support for counter-revolution or conservative isolationism determined 
so obviously by racism, will know it to be true 

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